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There are thousands of web sites with social insect interest.  Here are a few links feel free to suggest some more, and contact  DRNash @ bio.ku.dk

IUSSI members' sites should be listed on the Who's Who page

U.K. Links

BWARS - Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society

IBRA -International Bee Research Association

The Royal Entomological Society

New Scientist weekly publication of popular science

Natural History Museum

Bee Improvement and Bee Breeder's Association dedicated to improving honey bees

The Company of Biologistsfree access online to the Journal of Experimental Biology, Journal of Cell Science and Development.

Buglife - A site dedicated to European insect conservation.

Other Links

GAGA - The Global Ant Genomics Alliance

Centre for Social Evolution - Social Insect Research in Copenhagen

300+ entomological societies

Hornets - photos and information

Entomology Web Server

Entomology Index of Internet Resources directory of insect-related resources on the Internet.

International Isoptera Homepage termites to you and me...

Social insects web with links to a social insect search engine in development

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